Why can't he just be straight forward with me?

I took the less than ideal route of emailing my roommate to tell him I like him (he's out of town for the next week). But I also made sure to say that I understand if it isn't mutual and still want to remain friends. He hasn't replied either way and I don't know how to take that? Should I assume it isn't mutual then? If so, why can't he just say so? I obviously am OK with that since I wrote it in the message?
My friend says maybe he's taking time to process this information since that is what her now fiancé had to do when she told him about her feelings. But I don't want to hold out hope if that seems unlikely :/


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  • Your friend is correct , he may be a bit taken back at your admitting that you like him more than as a friend and is just thinking things over. If he is like me he may not check his email everyday and it could be that he hasn't found it yet. Don't hold out hope but at the same time don't give up either

    • Well I know for a fact he's seen the email by now since he forwarded another email to me today about something unrelated. I just want to know where we stand because I feel like it's more awkward with no response from him.

    • I see your delima. I wasn't aware that he had been active on his E mail since you sent it. I agree that the not knowing would be very awkward at the least

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  • Are you certain he saw the message?

    • He forwarded another email to me this morning so I don't know how he could've sent something to me without seeing what I sent him?

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