Does how much stuff (sexually) a person has done in the past affect if you want to date them?

Also, maybe share if you are straight or LGBT and if you think that affects your viewpoint if you want. Also, maybe tell me WHY what someone has done sexually affects your willingness to date someone.
  • Yes, don't want a "slut"
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  • Yes, dont want a "prude"
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  • Yes, in general
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  • No, unless they have an Sti or child, something like that
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  • No, not at all
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  • Other (please explain below)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Voted D, I'm bi, but I don't think it affects my viewpoint. I don't care how many people they've slept with since, to me, that doesn't change who they are as a person, as long as they're safe and sti free, and a child will complicate things.


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What Guys Said 6

  • No one wants a sausage that has been in so many buns that it's basically PLASTERED by breadcrumbs.
    No one want a cavern so deep that it whistles when it's windy and batman flies his Bat-Plane into it every night.

    Let's keep it civil without being prudish.

  • As long as she is going to do all those sexual things with me, and I feel she won't cheat in the relationship, I have no judgment.

    I absolutely REFUSE to be that guy that is with a 'reformed ' girl that "doesn't do those types of things anymore".

    I'm a catch, and I deserved to be rewarded with her full kinkiness, not a broken down and used up sexual being that she once was with lesser guys than me

  • i only voted other because i felt it was unfair to slot sti and child together!

    no its not a deal breaker at all. well maybe the stis lol

    as long as she's open and honest it can work just fine , lots of or little experience both

  • I'm straight the most i done with my ex gfs were fingering and making out

    What draws me to date a girl is her loving personality, spending time with me

    All my ex gfs were plain girls and yes i did fall in love with them at one time ,

  • No STD
    A child yes but no babydaddy

  • I voted D. As long as she's child and disease free it doesn't matter. Though I would rather not be with a prude, so if she's in her twenties and still hasn't done anything I'd be somewhat wary of a lack of intimacy with her.


What Girls Said 1

  • It's not a massive issue. I'd prefer someone who isn't a virgin but also someone who hasn't slept with loads of girls though


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