Does he like me the same way I like him?

I have a crush on this guy at work who's almost twice my age (not that it bothers me I like older men) he's the first man who's ever given me a shy girly nervous thing around him and I always feel on tip of the world with him. we travel to and from work together every day as I can't drive. We started out as good friends but the last few months we seem to get closer. Now we are very open when talking sex, we hug at least once a day and we've kissed a couple of times. We tend to have a lot of tickle and play fights at work and in the car, during this he tries to undress me playfully and strokes my cheek. I know he has a girlfriend and I know its bad I kind of don't care but I'm not sure if he likes me in the same way I like him. Am I reading too much into this or?
Just things I forgot to add:
He rarely talks about his girlfriend and when he does its usually to complain or put her down. He tends to be very attentive to me at work and always drops what he's doing to help me if he can. Plus generally always trying to make me laugh or cheer me up.
I also got told his girlfriend thinks he fancies me due to how he talks about me outside of work.


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  • I kinda get the feeling he is using you.
    1. He has a girlfriend
    2. He is twice your age
    3. The story overall just doesn't seem like he likes you.

    I'm sorry.


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