Crushes are the worst! ! How to control what you feel and who you feel it for? Why do Crushes even exist? ?

Crushes suck. Either you tell them, how you feel and they reject you causing your pride and self esteem to shrivel and suffer from complete humiliation or B. You keep it a secret and always wonder What if? Or C. You have a crush that you aren't supoose to have (Someone who already has a girlfriend or boyfriend or Worse!! Your friend's or siblings significant other. Ughhh

Im going through Choice B AND C!!! The guy that i like has a girlfriend and to top it all off me and his girlfriend are exact opposite.
Him: Football player, step team captain, tall, model looks, pink lips, nice, funny, laid back, smokes weed,
Popular, and he isn't the avergae popular guy, he'll talk to anyone , he isn't a jerk or arrogant at all. (Which makes everything worse) and he's smart, B average gpa
Me: Smart, Top10% 94.6 gpa, funny, weird, down to earth, virgin, laid back, smokes weed, drinks , swim team, book club, Pisces, sometimes i think im pretty
Her: Gpa C average, likes to argue a lot, attitude problem, Pretty, disrespectful, has a lot of sex, gives Blow jobs, kinda popular (only because she dates him) and ghetto.
I dont wanna be a home wrecker and im not going to. The problem isn't my actions because im not gonna act on them. The problem is how i feel. I've had a crush on him for 2 years now!! he's a senior and im a junior. To top it off his girlfriend is in my 1 st period, he's in my second period, and she's in my third period AGAIN. i hate my life. I have a crush on a guy that has a girlfriend already. I try to move on but all the other cute guys are taken as well. And we have mutual friends. My best friend's Boyfriend is bestfriends with my crush! And he told them that he thinks i like him but he isn't sure. Ugh am i that obvious. This is bad because since he has a girlfriend IT doesn't MATTER IF I LIKE HIM, ITS NOT IMPORTANT! !
High school sucks...


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  • Honestly,.. how well do you know him? like is it just you hear what he's reputation is or do you know him personally?

    • I know him personally. We're friends.

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    • Are you sure u should tell him? What gappe s next after I do? Do you think he was a little Intrested since he asked my friend?

    • He could be interested or he might not but you will just be killing yourself not being upfront and finding out at least if you tell him and you do find out he doesn't you can stop wondering and move on, you can't fo forward without any answers cause there two answers to come out of this with two different paths with a huge weight off your shoulders, right now you are just stuck in this one spot and will stay there until you know.

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  • Ugh tell me about it my crush is exactly like yours and is super hot but of course has a girlfriend... I hate crushes ahh!

  • You can't control it hah


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