Is this something to worry about?

I am engaged to someone from overseas. I am 31 & she is 25. Well she has an 8 year old kid. the kid doesn't know his dad, and the dad wants nOthing to do with him. My fiance has been telling me since we became engaged that she wants me to adopt her kid, and i have agreed to it. But recently she informed me that when she comes here, her son is staying behind, and not coming until he is high school age. That is different than what she had told me she wanted before. She has not given me any reason for it, and it seems to me that someone would not want to wait 6 years to have thier son live with them. This might be stupid of me, but her changing her mind on bringing her son with no explanation like that makes me think she doesn think her and i will last, and thats her reasoning. Is that stupid of me or is it a valid concern i need to dig into?
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  • Well that's ridiculous. Any woman that could spend that much time away from her own seed is... I can't even grasp a word for it. Perhaps, dead beat would suit her. Why would you want a woman who could drop her 8 year old. I think she's shit. Forgive me

  • You should ask her for explanation. For 6 years? That is something to be concerned about. Especially since she gave no reasons for it.


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