Had an argument with a guy I met on OKC and now he's back?

This could get wordy so I'm going to use bullet points.

-Met him on OKC and he was really instreasted.

-Went on the frist date and we had a good time.

-He asked me for a second date right away and we hung out at his house to watch a game and had an even better time. We had sex.

-He texted me thoughout the week after our second date.

-We stopped talking for a whole week and I got upset about it. If I texted him he would answer me but he didn't initiate.

-I called him out on in and he said he was really busy that week and he thought I was busy, too. He was saying that he "didn't want to rush into a relationship", althought he told me that he was looking for a relationship.

-We stopped talking after that for 3 whole months.

-He showed back up in my OKC messages saying "do you still hate me?" I told him I didn't.

-We started talking again and he asked me out again.

-We had a good time together and it do end with me spending the night. That was 2 days ago.

Could this have been a case of he liked me and things went south and now he's trying to reconnect? He knows for a fact that I want a real relationship and not just some sex buddy.


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  • It sounds like you were plan b or he was just in it for the sex. The three month gap REALLY bothers me.

    • I asked him why he waited so long and he said that he saw my picture in the visitors section. Which is true because I went to his profile by accident. He said he didn't like the way we ended and he wanted to give it another shot.

    • When you say that was plan B do you mean NOW i'm plan B or I was plan B then and plan A didn't work out?

    • You were plan b then and since plan A is over he's moved on to you. Hence the 3 month wait.

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