If it turned out that the entire time your SO we're pretending to be something s/he was not?

If you were in a deeply committed relationship with the perfect man/woman, and after pherhaps even a couple of years you realized that he/she were really a colony of bacteria wearing a people suit... would it still have been a monogamous relationship since technically bacterial colonies aren't a single organism, but instead a cluster (a "colony", if you will) of individual micro-organisms?

These are the questions that keep me up at night... Welcome to it...
  • Was I even dating a particular bacterium? and then wouldn't the rest of them be a bunch of peeping toms?
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  • Bring on the penicillin, for I and... them (?) both... all (?)
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  • Can I keep the people suit for a Halloween costume?
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  • So I'm part of a untraditional relationship... what of it?
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  • Go to sleep, Fenixx... wait, it's like 5pm.. are you just getting up for the day?
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  • Button!
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  • Other...
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