Girls, would you choose buy a or b?

Guy a is a guy who is really nice. If you choose him he will always be loyal and kind to you. Buy a is a quite and shy person, but When he gets to know someone he comes out of his shell. Guy a virgin who you might need to go slow with. Guy a has a good job but he is not rich. He would be very loving to you. Guy b has a lot of money and a lot of popularity. Guy b can buy you whatever you want but he expects sex in return. (think 50 shades of gray.) guy b cares more about sex then love.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Guy B definitely.

    Guy A sound too timid and gentle for my taste. Too effeminate and as Americans call it "beta". Guys like that make the worst boyfriends because they can't assert themselves, be a man in the relationship, are too sensitive and indirect. This puts a lot of strain on us girls, making us feel unprotected, insecure and eventually bored...

    So guy A at first sounds better because he will be kind and loyal, but in the end, there will be no fire, emotion, or stability in that relationship. It will just die after the novelty of it wears off.

    Guy B has only 3 traits: Rich, popular and high libido.
    I GENUINELY don't care about rich. I really don't. I won't go for a bum, but I am not a gold digger either. I'm a rich kid, have been my whole life. I will earn a lot and will never worry about money.
    BUT, I pick guy B because for him to become rich and popular, he has to have smarts, charisma and assertiveness that are so vital for building and maintaining any relationship. I would actually be able to be attracted to him and feel at ease by his side.

    The fact that he "cares about sex more than love" is a very silly thing to note. If he loves me and I love him, I'm with him. If not, I'm not. EOD.

    How much he values sex is irrelevant. High libido is not an issue, I'm like that too.

    • By the last sentence I mean I have a pretty high libido for a girl.
      I'm not a slut, I haven't had sex yet.

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  • I would go for guy A. I can hold my sexual tendencies to be with a guy that loves me for me

  • Guy A, if never having sex is part of the deal. I need that.

    • Why?

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    • It has nothing to do with my age. Didn't you read what I said? It's because I'm sex-repulsed. I don't think or not think about things just because of my age.

    • Okay.

  • Obviously A.

  • Guy A for me. I'm also a virgin, so I would understand him. We would be a perfect match. And I would never choose guy B.


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