Hard to get: backfired?

Here are the details:

1st date: met at a very high class restaurant for drinks/appetizer on him. He was very respectful to me and the servers. Charming and confident!

2nd date: listened to my interests from 1st date and took me on a light hike and then ice cream and chess afterwards! Unbelievable. Probably best second date of my life.

but- I've always been told to play hard to get. I don't ever text him first, nor do I ever call him. When he texts I always wait about 5 hours to text back. I'm sorry to say that I even went so far as to fake a weekend of friends coming in from out of state to cancel a 3rd date he had planned. Also, I mistakenly missed his last text to me for over 24 hours. I tried apologizing when he called but he didn't even seem upset.

he hasn't contacted me in 4 days and now I'm kind of worried it backfired. How do I get this fixed!!


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What Guys Said 1

  • I must say... You suck at playing hard to get. You lost.
    Simply reply back already when you receive it, instead of sending mixed signals, do him and yourself this favor.

    • Well what's the right way?

    • It's okay to text him first. Sometimes he texts first, sometimes you. Same goes for calls. Don't let him do all the work

    • You take hours to reply even when you've seen it... That is just frustrating. And then you canceled a date he invited you to?
      That is not hard to get. That is more like "You can try as much as you want, I'm not interested.. At All"
      I'd go silent too

What Girls Said 1

  • give him time.


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