Any good hook up sites?

Right now in on aff (adult friend finder) I tries pof but it seems like it's only for dating u know. And ok might have a hook up part but that to is dating more of hook up.

Maybe tinder but is that really a hook uo site more so I are ur face and I like u and let talk.


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  • tinder can be useful. back when i was looking for dating sites i got so frustrated with tinder because there were soooo many more guys on there interested in hooking up rather than a relationship (even though i knew it was more for hooking up than dating) but i would say tinder is a mix of people looking for either hook ups or dating so u have a good chance on there (not that i support hookups at all ofcourse)


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  • Tinder is your best option. There are people that are there just to get an ego boost or to check out hot people, but many are also looking for a hook up. Just a few are actually looking for a relationship.
    You'll have no problem finding a girl that's DTF.


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  • EasySex. com, fling. com, hookup. com, milfshookup. com, freehookups. com, hookupCloud. com, are a few.

    • Which one have u used

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    • Lol I wanted some legit ones though I don't know if these are lol

    • yeah true sorry i have never tried, but i have sure been on plenty of fish and guys try to ask for sex, so you can always use that, its basically used for that for a lot of people anyway, free too.

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  • Are you white?
    Are you ripped?
    Are you rich?

    If no then give up.

  • If your a woman all are good hook up sites if your a guy it will be a lot harder


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