Guys, how can I tell if the guy I'm seeing is talking to another girl?

I've been talking to/seeing a guy for about 2 months now. He works full time and has sole custody of his 2 little girls, 5 and 1. We talk 4 or 5 times a week and he makes time for me when he can. I've had a lot of people trying to tell me things about him but I don't think they are true. They say busy guys like that will never have time. He respects me and we get along great. He wants to take things slow and I'm confused on that too. Just don't know.


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  • Well it's not that unusual for a guy to want to take things slow, maybe especially when he's looking out for his children.

    You could snoop on his phone, his phone bill and/or his computer, but it would probably be better to just have a heart-to-heart conversation with him about your feelings and concerns, and about how you'd like the relationship to move forward.

    Good luck. :)

    • Is 2 months too soon though?

    • No, not too soon. :)

    • That said, everything in the world is "execution-dependent." It's how you actually do it that matters. Just be thoughtful, open-minded and honest. Hope things work out for you. :)

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  • i believe it's true about this time thing... since he's busy and devoted to his job he'd not have time for other gals right? seems he's interested since he's tryin to find some time in order to talk wid u ;)

  • He is embarassed.


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