Been talking for a few weeks, and it's going well. Any tips on how to keep it this way?

Girls, I've been single for a while but I've recently started talking to nice young lady. Everything is going good so far, and we both seem to be into each other. What worries me a little is doing too much, or either somehow losing her interest. What would be some helpful pointers to remember when stepping back into pre-relationship mode to keep her on the edge of her seat, while not overdoing it? 😄😄


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  • Pre relationship mode? So I am guessing that you are not together. Does she know you are interested? By the sounds of your question. I would be worried about doing too little. She might lose interest if you take it too slow.

    • Ok. Thanks. And by pre-relationship, I mean we don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend title or anything yet. So I'm trying to be appropriate as far as referring to what we are, and things to come.

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  • You do have reason to worry if it's all about you being MC/host
    and she has NO ideas, passions to pursue as a couple.
    If this continues, then suggest dance lessons before it fizzes out but share her with others, then appreciate gals shared with you on the dance floor
    soon all this worry will work itself out - you'll see what I mean within a year

  • always keep things interesting.


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