If a person of either sex asks you if you want to date them what does it mean? what do they expect? what would I be saying yes or no to?

and at what point after knowing someone is it common to ask if they want to date? Like how many weeks months years?


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  • 2 3 weeks id say

    • Oh wow I've known him three years but I don't feel like we know each other well enough bc we were in diff states for whole long time and were nervous round each other so we end up taking like one tenth the amount I'd talk with a friend so just seems like we do each other well enough to date.

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    • lol we both like traveling. any date where we can semi travel? maybe a day trip somewhere... but thats a bit too stressful for first date. we like hiking but that too is a bit much when um not used to being around him alone or too long. maybe the park.,

    • Ok so picnic in the park then. And u could could include something after keep it 2 a hour. Hope it goes well

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