Should I feel like a second choice?

I met my girlfriend her junior year of high school, my sophomore year. She sort of liked me from the first time we met, and i thought she was nice, but didn't really think anything of her.

Later in the year i heard from a friend she liked me and might wanna get with me. I started texting her, but it didn't seem like she was interested, so i started casually getting with a girl from my town. Just a spring/summer thing, ended before my junior year.

My girlfriend meanwhile didn't get with anyone junior year, or senior year, but liked me all of senior year and basically waited 6 months to get with me, as i stalled when it came to finally hanging out w her ( im shy, she's pretty and had plenty of options)

Anyway we hang and after a year together its this summer. I ask why she didn't want to hang with me her junior year, she says she had a stupid crush on this senior, and that she wanted him. She says it was just a stupid crush, but she didn't seem too into me, so im not sure. I got better looking from sophomore to junior year as well, so im insecure about that as well

She assures me that she would never be with someone who was her second choice, but either way i now feel like I was her second choice. Should i break up with her?
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What Girls Said 2

  • I didn't even NEED the 4th paragraph to know what's going on in her mind but it did reinforce my radar... been there done that.
    What's up?
    When a JR she was interested in you as 2nd banana, of course, A+ to your radar
    Now a SR - the gals are desperate for dates, competing with all the younger models in school = move you to #1
    Now the wiser, you think the solution is to break up? WTH?
    Why hold out for being a true-blue #1, possibly forever with any gal when
    right now you have someone desperate enough to claim you are #1, willing to do anything to prove it to you? ... possibly even get naked, hot & steamy?
    Have some dating fun, then consider what's best for you.

  • yes you should.


What Guys Said 1

  • Honestly, I wouldn't read too much into it. If she messages him, talks about him, or asks around about him in shape or form. Then I would consider that possible grounds for breaking up. Otherwise, I would just read it as what she said "A stupid crush", and call it good from there. You don't want to be the insecure guy that breaks up with a girl. Just because you didn't feel up to the challenge of being better than the other guy.

    Confidence is sexy, and insecurities are seen as weakness in the eyes of women. I know it's hard, but have faith in yourself. That you're better than that guy, and to be better than him and other men that you feel might be a better fit. One can always better themselves. Even if they don't believe in themselves.


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