Guys, do you think he would be weirded out if I text him?

I was seeing this guy for about a month and then we slowly stopped catching up as much because we both had to go away for placement. He texted me before it to say gpodluck and that he hopes I do well so I did the same for him. Then we messaged on and off but that kinda stopped. I then heard from 3 people that he had been getting with his ex a few months back till now which was during the time he was seeing me :/ but then my friend went out last night and she saw him and said to him "what's the deal why are you seeing your ex when you were with my friend". And then his friends and him were really shocked because it's not the case yeah they were together at start of year for a bit and they have become good friends lately but he's not hooking up with her. My friend then said oh well my friend got told that you are hooking up with your ex and that I was pretty upset. He then said that yeah he understands it may seem that way as his ex and him are close and him and I haven't had contact in three weeks but he thinks I'm a great chick

my questions are though:
should I message him in the next week saying: hey how have you been? :)
would he hate me or be mad that I thought and believed what my other friends told me about him and his ex?
What should I do? because I still have feelings for him


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  • text him, don't worry about the other crap, hearsay, but if it comes up, clear the air, and go from there.

  • Hey you won't know for sure until you try. :)


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