How long would you wait to hear back?

Met guy on CoffeeMeetsBagel. We made plans for a first date on a Thursday. Thursday morning he texts me to cancel due to a last minute assignment he got from his graduate school thesis adviser. He said the adviser dumped a ton of work that he needs to turn in by Friday. He was very detailed and apologetic in his text messages, and said he would contact me later to reschedule. I didn't get whether it was that Friday (the day after our planned date) or the Friday of the next week that he had as the due date for his work. Anyway it's been 8 days since he cancelled, and I never heard back. two Fridays have now passed I guess, and it's Saturday today. Should I give up hope? How long do you wait before giving up hope?


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  • probably he forgot about it i'm afraid, thanks to his busy schedule

    i don't think he's not interested


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  • Text him. If he still gives you excuses then give up.


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