Is it normal for a shy girls to respond back with statement without asking a question back?

I been on 3 dates with this girl. We held hand during our last date and she always giggle whenever I talk (Wtf is wrong with her? 0.0) Anyway, however, whenever I text her a question, she usually just respond back with a statement. On the other hand, whenever I respond back with a statement, she will continue to respond back with another statement. Is this normal that she doesn't really asked question like "how's my day" when I ask her how's her day?


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What Girls Said 1

  • What the fuck? .-. I'm kind of confused. Can you go into more detail about this?

    • Our texting is extremely shallow, like when I ask her a question, she never ask me a question back. However, when we see each other, we can talk all day and stuff. I don't know.

    • Maybe she doesn't want to seem over bearing so she does that.

What Guys Said 1

  • Who cares about normal? What matters is whether you enjoy her company. If you do, then just go with the flow. OTOH if you are finding her lack of conversational skills more trouble than it's worth, then she might not be the girl for you.


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