How do you let a guy know you're interested?

I really want the chance to get to know a guy I see everyday. He is very attractive and I'm going out of my mind trying to throw signals his way. He's older than me (Me: early twenties, Him: looks to be late twenties, early thirties) and he seems like the shy type.

The biggest catch is I literally see him ONCE (1) every three days. I believe he talks to me out of courtesy, however the setting really doesn't call for conversation. It's a very "mind your business" type of place. But he does make the effort to stop a little while and say a thing or two to me. He won't talk to me if there are too many people around but when he does our conversations last maybe a minute. I can't really tell if he is or isn't interested in me but I want to swing the door open in case he is interested.

How do I get him to see I'm interested when I only get one opportunity every third day to see him?
Should I come right out and demand he notice my interest in him? Or dance around the issue and hope 3 years later he gets it that I have a thing for him?

I'm a little shy and new to flirting but I don't want that to stop me from putting myself out there for him. So I'll take any and all suggestions.


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  • I think you should first try to make your conversations last a bit more. For example, you should try opening up an issue worth talking about.. like "how was your weekend?" Or "how's your day going so far? I hope it's good." You should try speaking more with him so that you find out if he's interested or not. Joke around with him and be yourself, bring up funny situations, ask him questions about himself, not too personal though since you mentioned he's the shy type. Also, don't so those tips on a daily basis or whenever you see him; skip a day or two, then continue speaking up to him. Ask him for advice and try to make him feel that you want him and you to be closer. Once you get through all of this, it shall be evident to know if he's interested or not. Don't press too hard though. Best of luck.

  • Smile at him


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