Friendly Hug vs Romantic Hug?

If during a hug, a guy was:
-Holding you close and tight for 5 seconds.
- Rests his head on your shoulders
- Rubs your back while hugging.
- Watches you leave.

Is that a friendly or romantic hug?


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  • it's a friendly hug but also a romantic hug it's in between.


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  • It's most likely a friendly hug.

    But it also depends who it is though.

    It doesn't really seem that romantic to me. I've seen many times guy friends kiss girls foreheads yet it was a friendly hug, they have nothing romantic towards them.

    • Would my hug be considered friendly as well? I want to see if my body can subconsciously tell how I feel about that certain person. Like if I hugged around his shoulders only but nothing more.

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