He has a girlfriend.. should I stay friends with him?

this guy has been flirting for a few motnhs now. We are both very attracted to each other, but he told me that nothing else can happen now as he has a girlfriend. They had a few problems, but it's getting better...

I've seen on the internet that people suggest staying friends...
i don't know if that is a good idea?
a friendship wouldn't work I think


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  • i was kind of in the same situation as you. We flirted for a few months, it all went well. At some point she did and said some weird things, i got a bit mad. That broke it off for her (I didn't know at the time), but we stayed friends. After prom she got a boyfriend, (the one she went to prom with). I found out. We talked things out a bit, not completely though. I decided to stay friends. But after a few weeks i decided not to. Because it only gave me mental headaches to see them together. (also other things happened but they are not relevant to you)

    Long story short, i think that you should break it off to spare you the suffering. A friendship might work, but not now. You need to emotionally cut him of and be at peace. After a few months/weeks you should be over them. So i advice you to not be friends, definitely when you feel like friendship won't work.

    • I told him this... it's up to him to decicde.
      ha wants to have the benefits of a relationship and then "have a good friend" for other things.
      i will def. cut it off...

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    • i think it's for the best if he doesn't contact you... I hope it turns out well. Good luck!

    • of course.. only if he changes his opinion

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  • My answer would be to reject his calls, move on emotionally as well as physically, and put plenty of distance between you.

    • it was just flirting and talking. he wants to stay friends, but i dont believe in friendship if both parts like each other

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  • Stay friends until it could be your turn. ;P

    • haha :
      no, i said we can't be friends ;)

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  • no.. don't do that to yourself.. not at all.. you will end up getting hurt while he will be busy banging his girlfriend.. why intentionally get a heartbreak?

  • Leave it, he's taken. Plus, isn't he cheating his girlfriend? How do you know if he won't do the same to you when you start a relationship with him?

    • no, there is no physical contact at all

  • i think you should stay away from a taken guy


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