My guy suddenly disappeared. What should I do?

So I've been involved with this guy for 4 months. Things were going great between me and him. Really great. He took me out all the time for dinner, went to the movies. Sleptover his place. Literally everything that a boyfriend and girlfriend does. Now I haven't heard from him in over a week. I messaged him but no response. He hasn't even read my message yet but I see him online all the time. What does this mean. Im trying to figure out what I did wrong. What do yoh suggest I do?
I know he's okay because I see him posting pictures of him having a grand time.


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  • Huh that's really strange maybe something happened to him and he's sad , I'm not sure. Maybe he changed his mind but it would be fair to tell you and so on.

    The best thing is to call him and ask whats wrong if he won't pickup cellphone it's time to move on.


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  • In all honesty, people have a really fucked up way of cutting things off with out saying a word. At this point since you've reached out to him to make some sort of contact and he isn't replying back, I would cut my loses and move on. Unfortunately people are messed up and you may have not done anything wrong.


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  • Disappear u mean? .. Complaint to the police. He might had been kidnapped.


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