What is better, questioning a relationship or not questioning a relationship?

There is this guy I know and he loves his girlfriend a lot. They were really good together but then he saw her cheating on him (kissing another guy) and broke up and then he went out with a rebound (a good friend) and after a month broke up with her (they broke up because she realized he still loved his ex) and got back with his ex girlfriend.

The girlfriend, from what I know, might still love him(not so close to her so don't really know). The guy still feels like she might be cheating on him but decided not to question her because when he asks her a lot of question she gets mad and keeps a distance from him. So now he decided that asking her question (about why she hide things from him and other question relating to her cheating or if she is cheating) is a bad idea and he is going to put those feelings to the side. He loves her a lot and doesn't want to see her away from him. He continues to buy her gifts and does things for her, keeps her happy as any boyfriend will do because he loves her. He says the more you run towards a person and question them they further they run from you. So he plans not to question they relationship. She is from a different religion then him and she doesn't want to convert and neither is he. So they both aren't going to get married. *I have no idea if she is cheating but he feels this sometimes. So don't answer as she is cheating but a probably might be cheating.*

Then the other girl (rebound girl) loves him a lot and still cares for him. After not talking to him for 5 months becomes friend with him, its been a year now. He knows she loves him a lot. The beginning of the friendship, he says he loved her when they were together and he admits that he did sleep with his ex girlfriend the day before she left on vacation (which was the day before they broke up. So he slept with his ex girlfriend and broke up with his good friend the next day.) And then after not talking for 5 months they become friends. They begin to flirt and one day after 5 months have sex (she lost her virginity to him.) Then he tells her he loved her when they were together but now he likes her as a friend. She excepts that and believes he only did it because he was desperate (his girlfriend not being that much with him). She always had a feeling that he never loved her but it hits her now after 7 months after they have sex. She talks to him about her feelings and just gets things off her chest (which was done in a nice manner. If I was her I would have yelled at the idiot). He now tells her that he just had a crush on her the time they dated and that he doesn't want to cheat on his girlfriend and wants to be faithful on his side even if his girlfriend might not be (she didn't even yell at him after hearing this which I found stupid). He was suppose to marry another girl but she ran off with another guy. and he told her not to thinking about him and her getting married.

She has decided to forget him and begin a year with a fresh start. (Thank god been really waiting for this day) (this girl is my best friend and I really want to know any advice you could give her to move on.
I never had a boyfriend so don't know how these feeling work and all.)
What do you except to happen to them? Would he be blinded in love forever? Is she really (this time hopefully) give up on him? Could someone really stay this blind?
Could he be probably be the type to love instead of being loved? If two people like to love could that make a relationship worse?


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