I have feelings for two guys, what to do?

So I've dated one of them for 10 months, during that 10 months my my close guy friend fessed up that he had feelings for me, me and him have a great connection. I started developing feelings for him, we would talk all day and all night he knew I had a boyfriend. I would constantly tell him to stop the flirting, we would go months without talking in hopes that our feelings went away but it hasn't. Me and my boyfriend aren't together right now it's complicated. He still loves me and my friend has just told me he loves me as well. Me and my friend have never done anything sexually, kiss or anything but I don't know why I can't let him go. Both of these guys are so intense. I don't know if any of you guys read into horoscopes, but if you do both of the guys are Scorpios and im a Aries


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  • He knows that you're in a relationship but is still trying to bet with you. Bad sign

    • He's not necessarily trying to get her to cheat. He is fighting for her. He wants to win her. If you put yourself in her shoes, wouldn't she be better to choose someone who would fight for her?

    • You mean someone who's trying to break up her relationship

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  • https://i.minus.com/inn30ZwXcsaCS.gif
    I never got the concept of having feeling for multiple people.

    • Why is the concept of limiting yourself to one easier?
      I am not polyamorous, but the opportunity never really presented itself. If you are in love with two people, why would it be so alien? Imagine the situation where yoo are in love with someone who went to war and goes MIA. After 2 years your are starting a new life with someone and he suddenly reappears out of the blue. Wouldn't you be in love with both?

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  • You friendzone one, and date the other

  • Dump the one with the smaller dick.


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