What should I do with him?

Okay, I fell hard for this guy. He's leaving in a year and me and him had a strong connection and he left me saying that it will never work out and that he just wasn't ready for a relationship. So I was still in love with him 7 months later. Then I had to contact him again and now we are like talking I guess and he kept apologizing on what he did and he said that his ex cheated on him and he had to leave me with a cold shoulder so he wouldn't have to look back but it hurt really bad to let me go... how am I supposed to trust him? He wants a relationship now and I told him that it would never work out and he said if we really wanted it to it could work out. He won't let me go I have tried everything to push him away even though I'm in love with him... he hasn't left. So he's not the most attractive thing on the planet but I find him attractive and all my friends think he's ugly and I know i will never hear the end of it, they all think he is a rude person and that he's weird but I don't see that in him. I know it will take time to trust him but I want to be with him... but I want my friends to be okay with it.. I just really need some really good real advice that will make me wake up and choose the right thing.


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  • That problems.. i don't know how to help


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