He asked me to be patient. I am doing okay?

After I did a few things I am not proud of, the guy I am dating asked me to be patient with him because he wants to be with me but needs to take some time to work things out.

I do not contact him, the only way we get to talk is if he texts me. He barely talks to me. Twice a day and probably he will not answer my last message.

When we talked, trying to fix this I told him few things that I normally wouldn't say and I think that he might be taking advantage of it.

I am very impulsive and I just want to tell him "This is enough" but I have done enough so far.

I am in love and I know that I did wrong (I pushed him away) but when it is too much?
Anyone else, please.


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  • This is just as much his issue as it is yours. Don't just blame yourself


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