Girls, would you go on a surprise date if you were asked to dress for winter?

I'm asking her to meet me downtown (in her snow pants and winter coat), about a 10 minute walk from an ice skating arena where I'll teach her how to skate! After that some ice cream. Good idea or bad?


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  • I like your idea, you need to make sure that she is not going to wear that clothe for the rest of the date/day. In fact, it is a nice gesture if you take care of those details.

    • Yep great point. I'm already bringing an extra bag so afterwards she can put them in there and I can carry the bag around. Think it will work?

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  • She might have a stroke if she meets u outside dressed like that. Good idea but I'd get her to bring it with her not wear it until you get there

    • Yeah I was thinking of asking her to wear long johns instead but those you can't take off. I didn't want her to lug heavy clothes around so I just asked her to wear it. What if I bring a backpack that I can carry her clothes after we're done. Would that work?

    • Yup, it is a cute date idea and have fun

    • Thanks for the encouragement!

  • I think that sounds lovely! I'd say dress sensible and warm and be ready for fun! Good luck

    • Thanks! I'm bringing a classy bag which she can put her clothes into after skating so she doesn't get too hot afterwards. Would that work, some people here are against it because they think she'll be too hot in those clothes.

  • I think that's a good idea! I really like romantic surprise dates :)

  • where the hell do you live that she needs to be in snow pants and a winter coat to go ice skating?

    • You need to dress sensibly, I never wear more than leggings to go skating. So tell her to dress sensibly (leggings or jeans) and then you take a hoody of yours for her in case she gets cold. Just make sure you have your aftershave on it and you are in there... Be prepared to lose the hoody forever though as its nice when she tries to return it at the end of the date for you to say to keep it. This way she will keep your smell and it will keep you in her head...

    • I thought about asking her to wear thermal underwear, but then that would be hard to take off. She told me she's a freeze baby but that she is a skier, so I know she has the clothes. Would it really be inappropriate for skating?

    • snow clothes for skating? yeah. She will look stupid too when everyone else is dressed for skating and she is dressed for a downhill slalom.

      And thermal underwear? on a date? Do you want her to come? I know its because you care but really, skating rinks are kept at a relatively decent air temperature. When I go I am often in a skirt and bare legs!! just seriously, tell her to dress for something outdoorsy and you will be fine.

  • Great idea especially since I love winter snow makes everything magical

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