Is this a bad sign?

So I went on a first date last night with this guy and we hit it off really well. We decided to go to a movie but the whole movie he didn't try to put his arm around me or hold my hand. At the end of the night he said let's do this again and I agreed but he didn't try to kiss me. We still talk, do you think it's bad that he didn't try any contact?


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  • Not at all. I almost never get touchy on first dates, it has to do with cultural standards. Some of us are raised to believe it is inappropriate to initiate romantic physical contact until you have gotten to know someone well enough to start considering a long-term relationships.

    For some of us, even something as simple as a kiss on the lips represents a sign of love and closeness which is inappropriate to send out to someone we just met. It doesn't mean he doesn't like you, he might be really turned on by you, and really enthusiastic about seeing where things go with you, but he is probably trying to guard his heart and yours by not letting things develop faster on the physical level than they do on the emotional and verbal levels.

    • And FYI, if things do go anywhere with this guy, there is a good chance he will especially loyal, respectful, and passionate towards you in a relationship. Don't let the way he treat's someone he is just getting to affect how you think he'd behave with his SO.

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    • He kissed me on our third date he told me he was just really nervous

    • Hahah, good for you! Hope he's as good for you as he sounds.

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  • Well, it's too early to say it's a good or bad sign, it's possible maybe he isn't sure or is just a little shy. I don't think it can be taken as a bad sign

    • He is a really respectful guy so maybe he didn't want to cross boundaries I just have never been on a date that hasn't ended with a guy trying to kiss me

  • He didn't want or was shy to do. If you like him go for another date, girl what the hell. Take it slowly and help him :)

    • I defiantly another date :)

    • yes go for it and good luck:)

    • Thank you :)

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  • maybe he's a bit nervous or doesn't wanna freak you out by making a move to quickly

    • Yeah that's what he said on our third date after we kissed he said he had been so nervous :) thank you!

  • maybe he got nervous? or he is afraid?
    or maybe he is just not that in to you

    • I'm worried about the third one

    • it will be allright. you dont need people their opinions. just go with the flow.
      relax and talk, you will see if it works

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