Is my crush pursuing me for the wrong reasons?

I met a boy at camp, and I'm not sure if he's playing with me or not. He started talking to me first, and then he starting spending all his time with me at camp. He does talk to a lot of girls. He FaceTImes me and texts me everyday. He lives 2 states away from me. But, my friends freaked out about it, and I'm not sure why. They said some warning signs were, 1) He bought me gifts. 2) He's only had 2 girlfriends in his life. 3) He was showing public display of affection right away. 4) He has many female friends. 5) He said I love you within the first week of getting to know me. 6) He wants to come visit me only for a week. 7) He hung out with his ex after we had a fight. 8. He tells me he works with hot girls. 9) He said it was a risk to make moves on other girls, but with us it just happened. 10) He moved very fast with me.
Please someone explain to me what is wrong. I'm not sure what is going on.


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  • Some of those signs aren't bad.

    I don't think you can 100% know for sure if his reasons are right or not but I suggest just keeping it casual and seeing where he takes it from here.


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  • I don't think its the wrong reasons.


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