After dating/hooking up for 2 months, my guy disappeared for 2 weeks. How should I go about letting him know I just want to hook up and nothing more?

If you are a guy let me know what you will think about it and how should I approach this topic with him.


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  • I think most guys assume it's a hookup until you ask for "more." So, just don't ask for more. Sex, and then leave. Don't spend the night or anything...

    • My question is, now that I haven't spoken to him in 2 weeks, if I go back and let him know i want to continue hook up how should I do it? Should i just straight up tell him that? Or should I just forget about it since he's gone for 2 weeks now.

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    • Thanks. So if you have that experience where you disappear from a girl and she comes back and ask you for hook up you would still consider it right?

    • absolutely!

  • lol wonder if this is the same person. You were best friends for 14 years or something and you just started sleeping with him 2 months ago and you slept with him 28x during this time? If this is the same person, then you are a , excuse my french, bitch. If its not you, I shouldn't worry since he hasn't contacted you in 2 weeks anyways

    • Hi no I am not that person you are referring to.

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    • So if I initiate you think that would turn him off? I should just wait for him to come back (if he does)?

    • If you haven't made your guys' relationship clear, then its good to do so. See if he's up for it.. It should be easier since you both dont know each other that well

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