Guys, How to approach a guy after he's disappeared?

I wasn't upset but just wanted to clear the air and tell him what I want. Nothing serious just continue to have a casual fling. Should I just text him? How long should I wait to contact him again?


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  • Well... if you came up to me "I want nothing just a casual fling" and I had no feelings I'd just say "okay" if I did then I'd say "no thus is why I disappeared I want more"

    • why would you disappeared if you want more than just a fling? Shouldn't he want to spent more time with me and make sure I know he likes me?

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    • That's basically what I was going to say to him. But I don't want to sound desperate. I just want to make it clear to him that I didn't want a relationship with him. But I am not too sure what he will think...

    • Well have you contactef him?

  • Don't text; call. And it doesn't really matter when. :)


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