Why do people use online dating just for an ego boost/attention?

I'm not too bummed about these kind of people as there's many others out there, but I just don't understand the women (which isn't a ton) who will respond and talk to you for a bit and them when you ask them out, they're like sorry I'm not looking to date, I don't feel comfortable meeting people off the internet, I'm looking for friends, I don't wanna get hurt, etc.

I mean not to sound entitled to a date but if you have no intention of meeting the person in the first place then why bother responding back to them in the first place? It's both a waste of your time and theirs. It's like are you shocked that someone you talk to off a dating site would eventually ask. If I message people then I clearly have an interest in meeting with them and playing it by ear. No use in responding to people who like me that I don't like back only to give them false hope and eventually have them ask me out.

It's like if you're that desperate that you have to go online to boost your ego/self esteem then that's pretty pathetic and sad.

They should have an option under the intent sections saying just looking for attention/an ego boost because that's really all they're doing lol.
I also love when some people on there are like I'm not looking for are relationships, hookups, or friends, they're just here to let you know they're here and they exist lol


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  • I don't like people who do that either. It's such a waste of time. If they're just there for people to tell them they're pretty, they should be honest about it.

    • Yep, but the ones who are honest about it are doing you a favor so you can move onto the next one. I also love when people say why am I on here? And I'm thinking about deleting my account or I hate this site. It's like well you like it enough to start using it again lol and everyone else here goes through the same struggles. It comes with the territory.

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  • Because they get no recognition from their limited social lives. It's the same reason why I play up the whole British thing - it's all I have.


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  • Maybe they weren't interested in you but because they thought you were a nice guy, they didn't want to offend you.

  • They have no confidence.


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