Is it normal to feel so annoyed with your "boyfriend" when he hasn't spoken to you in 3 days?

There is a guy I am talking to and although we aren't official yet we talk like a couple, and we probably will be one soon. I miss him every time we aren't talking, and right now he hasn't said anything to me in three days. Is it normal to feel so pissed off with him?
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  • I get mad\worried when I don't talk to her for more than an hour or two without either of us having a reason for being busy. Tell him you miss him, that'll get him talking to you again.


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  • I'm going through that that right now with my boo, but I'm used to it so I'm more mature to just let him do him. He'll talk to me when he's ready. Until then, I'm doing me. I'm hanging out more closely with my friends and family along with studying for my college classes.
    The thing u have to know is your world doesn't revolve around your boyfriend, though u think it does and u feel like it does. Have a life outside of him. Trust me, he doesn't want u depending on his acknowledging u first all the time, to make u happy.
    Also, texting/calling works both ways, you know. You can try getting in contact with him first. Don't always depend on the guy.

  • I have a boyfriend and I hate that, when he takes too long to answer me and when he does I automatically call him and ask him like what was he doing, why did it take so long. He tells me to calm down, (which I hate being told to do) and it's because he knows that I tend to overthink a lot (I still tell him regardless). But he gets worried and angry when I don't reply or read his message. I don't understand it sometimes lol.


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