This girl likes me yet she gave her # to another guy rate in view of me?

i know she likes me and when we first meet she asked if i was on snapchat but i wasn't and some other sites i didn't really use ever. so i never really exchanged any contact info with her although i have talked to her in person a number of times at bar and at restaurant where she works. but definity have got the feeling she likes me and notice her looking at me when i'm there. but other day when i was there , i noticed this new guy working at the restaurant i had never seen before. and she was talking to him where she works and she exchanged phone numbers with him when i was rate nearby and could see this going on and afterwords she'd like look at me , i feel like she is just playing games or trying to make me jealous. or she got tired of waiting for me to ask her out and she decided to give new guy a chance?


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  • she wanted to make you jealous.


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