Any tips on how to ask a close coworker on a date?

I am very interested in my friend who I work very closely with. I know it would be awkard but I can live with that or at least i think I could. She really is what i want in a woman. I have been on dates with other girls but I still come back to her. We really clicked when I started to work at my job. We chat, we make each other laugh and smile and most importantly we are ourselves with each other. I think we would be great together because we are good friends and not dating so we aren't hiding anything and we enjoy each others company. I just don't see how I can ask her out on a date and not make it awakard at work. The con is we couldn't escape each other at all because we litterally sit less then 7 feet away from each other. If she worked in a different department it would be no problem. She did ask me to come and vist her at her job she does with animals so I did and spent an hour and a half there with her and met her family. She is 30 I am 24 I am not concerned about the age in fact i prefer older women. Not sure how she feels. There are some things that lead me to believe that she likes me. She will say my name randomly working, she is comfortable with me she will stand very close to me, and she loves my laugh lol. I also could be reading into these things as well. A part of me just hope it happens lol which I know thats not how it will go but any good and well thought suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have thought of one night ask her to grab a burger at her favorite place. We work long hours and she has a longer drive home so I thought it would be a nice gesture none the least.


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  • Hmm it's just like when me and my crush worked together!

    Ask her out! Take her to that burger place.

    • Thank you very much. How did you and your crush work out?

    • Well I'm very slow and hesitant and I have never had a girlfriend. But we've hung out three times and she's pretty much asked me to hang out twice but we have both been super busy this summer. I need to confess to her next time we hang out...
      As of right now, we're still friends. But I have hope.

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  • your idea sounds good.


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