How does being desperate make you unattractive?


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  • Trust me, it shows BIG time. If your desperate you just have that ¨look¨ on your face that makes people stay away. It shows in your personality and makes you put way too much effort into your appearance, or far too less effort.


Most Helpful Guy

  • feeling or showing a hopeless sense that a situation is so bad as to be impossible to deal with.
    "a desperate sadness enveloped Ruth"
    synonyms: despairing, hopeless; More
    anguished, distressed, in despair, suicidal;
    miserable, wretched, desolate;
    forlorn, disheartened, discouraged, demoralized, devastated, downcast, resigned, defeatist, pessimistic;
    distraught, fraught, overcome, out of one's mind, at one's wits' end, beside oneself, at the end of one's tether;
    "he gave me a desperate look"
    antonyms: cheerful, composed

    (of an act) tried in despair or when everything else has failed.
    "drugs used in a desperate attempt to save his life"
    synonyms: last-ditch, last-chance, last-resort, last-minute, last-gasp, eleventh-hour, all-out, do-or-die, final; More
    frantic, frenzied, wild, straining;
    futile, hopeless, doomed, lost
    "a desperate attempt to escape"
    (of a situation) extremely serious or dangerous.
    "there is a desperate shortage of teachers"
    synonyms: grave, serious, dangerous, risky, perilous, hazardous, precarious, critical, acute; More
    dire, very bad, calamitous, appalling, awful, terrible, frightful, dreadful, outrageous, intolerable, deplorable, lamentable, sorry, poor;
    hopeless, irretrievable;
    informallousy, chronic;
    "his finances were in a desperate state"
    urgent, pressing, compelling, crying;
    acute, critical, crucial, vital, drastic, serious, grave, dire, extreme, great;
    "the church is in desperate need of repair"
    (of a person) violent or dangerous.
    "a desperate criminal"
    synonyms: violent, dangerous, lawless; More
    reckless, rash, hasty, impetuous, foolhardy, incautious;
    death-or-glory, do-or-die, hazardous, risky
    "armed bands of desperate men"
    very bad.
    "that beer's desperate—it's a wonder you've the nerve to offer it for sale"

    (of a person) having a great need or desire for something.

    No one wants anyone like that in their life.


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What Girls Said 4

  • When I depress, it doesn't matter who approaches me, I'll push you away... Who's interested in a girl who pushes you away, no matter what you do?

    Or a girl who's lost, doesn't believe in herself... I think we all like confidence more

  • because it makes u look like u aren't in it for the right reasons, and that's a turn off.

  • It can make a person seem to be more unattractive if all they want is sex if thats what you asking.

  • Because a girl's going to feel like you picked her only because you didn't have any better takers.

    • This one's the best answer. I myself rejected girls at some point because i sensed they were kinda desperate. I liked those girls though. So see how important is to look happy?

What Guys Said 1

  • No one wants to be with someone who is willing to take anyone. If a guy or a girl is so desperate to date just about anyone, what does that say about them.


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