How does being desperate make you unattractive?


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  • It can make a person seem to be more unattractive if all they want is sex if thats what you asking.


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  • feeling or showing a hopeless sense that a situation is so bad as to be impossible to deal with.
    "a desperate sadness enveloped Ruth"
    synonyms: despairing, hopeless; More
    anguished, distressed, in despair, suicidal;
    miserable, wretched, desolate;
    forlorn, disheartened, discouraged, demoralized, devastated, downcast, resigned, defeatist, pessimistic;
    distraught, fraught, overcome, out of one's mind, at one's wits' end, beside oneself, at the end of one's tether;
    "he gave me a desperate look"
    antonyms: cheerful, composed

    (of an act) tried in despair or when everything else has failed.
    "drugs used in a desperate attempt to save his life"
    synonyms: last-ditch, last-chance, last-resort, last-minute, last-gasp, eleventh-hour, all-out, do-or-die, final; More
    frantic, frenzied, wild, straining;
    futile, hopeless, doomed, lost
    "a desperate attempt to escape"
    (of a situation) extremely serious or dangerous.
    "there is a desperate shortage of teachers"
    synonyms: grave, serious, dangerous, risky, perilous, hazardous, precarious, critical, acute; More
    dire, very bad, calamitous, appalling, awful, terrible, frightful, dreadful, outrageous, intolerable, deplorable, lamentable, sorry, poor;
    hopeless, irretrievable;
    informallousy, chronic;
    "his finances were in a desperate state"
    urgent, pressing, compelling, crying;
    acute, critical, crucial, vital, drastic, serious, grave, dire, extreme, great;
    "the church is in desperate need of repair"
    (of a person) violent or dangerous.
    "a desperate criminal"
    synonyms: violent, dangerous, lawless; More
    reckless, rash, hasty, impetuous, foolhardy, incautious;
    death-or-glory, do-or-die, hazardous, risky
    "armed bands of desperate men"
    very bad.
    "that beer's desperate—it's a wonder you've the nerve to offer it for sale"

    (of a person) having a great need or desire for something.

    No one wants anyone like that in their life.


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  • because it makes u look like u aren't in it for the right reasons, and that's a turn off.

  • When I depress, it doesn't matter who approaches me, I'll push you away... Who's interested in a girl who pushes you away, no matter what you do?

    Or a girl who's lost, doesn't believe in herself... I think we all like confidence more

  • Trust me, it shows BIG time. If your desperate you just have that ¨look¨ on your face that makes people stay away. It shows in your personality and makes you put way too much effort into your appearance, or far too less effort.

  • Because a girl's going to feel like you picked her only because you didn't have any better takers.

    • This one's the best answer. I myself rejected girls at some point because i sensed they were kinda desperate. I liked those girls though. So see how important is to look happy?

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  • No one wants to be with someone who is willing to take anyone. If a guy or a girl is so desperate to date just about anyone, what does that say about them.