Need help ASAP please read?

I'm 14 I moved house and my neighbour is 18 he has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. Being Neighbours we started talkin mainly as I use to help with his 2 year old brother out the front and got invited in by his mum. But now we have been Snapchating each other and he said do u fancy me I told him a little truthally :-/ and he admitted he has a crush on me as well. What now?


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  • If you are dumb , you will cheat like a common American white teenager girl

    If you are smart.. you will ignore and save your boyfriend from disaster.

    By the way... teenager relationships are joke because we have been teenager too. It is not serious and timepass.

    You cheat or don't cheat... you will part ways with him one day anyways.


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  • Honestly I wouldn't date him. Majorly because he has a girlfriend, and my theory has always been that I never want someone that I can take from someone else. Why? Because they can be taken from me or leave me. Also, dealing with your parents and the age gap between you and him may not be a road you wanna go down.

    • Yeah and it don't help tht he is my aunts freind

    • Yeeeah, that can go all bad lol. Not to say you can't be friends with him, but I wouldn't pursue a romance..

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  • Theirs really no difference between Dating and just being friends you can still hang out with him all the time and you can meet his girlfriend and he can meet your Boyfriend and you can all be friends

    • Age difference makes it a bit weird to hang out like out the fronts okay but a 14 year old walkin round with a 18 year olds a little weird

  • Go for it.


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