How do I do it?

My last "date" with a guy went really well. At the end we both texted each other that night that we had a nice time (in a flirty way)! We haven't kissed or anything though yet.

but my problem here is that it's been a week. There was no second "date"! I know he's busy so I'm trying not to jump to conclusions here. Also the reason I'm putting date in quotations is because it was just us one on one. I know he has interest in me and he does show all signs of attraction. It was just a bit casual, that's how our personalities are.

He picked me up that night. I assumed he would regardless. I don't drive yet. So how do I ask HIM out if I can't drive? Isn't that just imposing on him. Should I say something along the lines of, "I wanna see you again :)" or "We should hang out" ?

not only am I asking for a second date but I don't even have a license or car to take him anywhere. I feel rely rude. Am I overthinking it? If he really wants to see me, he wouldn't care now would he?


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  • You don't need to worry, most of us blokes love driving, and we usually insist on picking you up anyway. it sometimes feels more chivalrous to us, to appear like a knight on his noble steed to whisk you away :p


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  • I'd say something like
    'Hey I wanted to let you know that I had a great time! We should do this over again. What sayeth you! xD


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  • Yeah, take the initiative


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