I fall in love way to easy! Does anybody also have this problem?

I just got off the phone with a girl and she sounded so hot I couldnt help but flirt with her. It was a business call. And it worked because she passed me on to the decsion maker. But its always the case. Cupids arrow hits me the moment I meet you and something you have is attractive ha ha. Damn my loving heart.


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  • You're depressed

    • That is such an interesting reply. Please elaborate?

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    • I am blown away by your answer. That's so psychological and is like a real life example of needs not being met (which is the core of nice guy syndrome) no I don't have my needs met, especially with women. But it's hard when you are not that handsome and a nice guy you know😢 I am just so fascinated how you drew out depression through all of this (and you right, I'm on meds)

    • That's very easy. Because it happened to myself. It cost me 3600$ in therapy to be able to repair my marriage (which was one of the causes for my needs not being met), and also to be able to beat my social anxiety and gain the courage to reach out and make just one friend (which means isolation was another big cause for my needs not being met).
      I don't crush as often as I used to.

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  • How can you love someone you don't know?

    It would seem you're confusing attraction with love.

    • Well then I am attracted to lots of people;) I love a million bucks, never had it but I know I love it.

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