Am I an asshole if?

This guy seemed pretty awesome, I've barely known him a month. He has great taste in music and seemed like a chill person. I was like "wow, I found a guy whos into underground hip hop/soul" hell yeah! He's 26 and I'm 21.

But when I started talking to him more he seemed a little 'off'. I don't know how to explain it, except when I was being funny and telling jokes he would just be weirdly serious and I got a 'judgmental vibe' from him. Then I looked into his facebook and saw he's a SUPER christian. Not just "oh, my parents were christian so I'm christian but I dont follow it much".. but he has a billion long facebook posts about christ and the bible, etc. Posts hipster pictures of a bible next to a beer with flowers (NO JOKE lol).

It's weird because he looks and dresses like a hipster, and seems cool on the surface. But I found posts about how his depression and deep insecurities led him towards 'God' and all this stuff and that God is the only thing that satisfies his life. He told me he went through serious depression in college and I mean, who hasnt? But I guess thats why he's super christian and weird. This is a huge turn off to me, I can't STAND HIM now. He isn't even that sweet or funny as a person and he puts on this front.. I don't know how else to explain it. Does that make me an asshole? He seems weak and mentally unstable..


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  • In honesty, it happens.
    After a while you have discovered his heads still not in a good place.
    Put your own interests first, their is nothing wrong with that, we all do it

    • Yeah since I'm an atheist, the fact that he's so religious is a huge turn off. It controls his life completely.. huge turn off. I don't know If I could text him and tell him I'm not really interested in pursuing things or just not text him anymore.

    • Too cruel to ghost, but do what males you comfortable

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