Why does love hurt?

I love this girl been friends for years but she always kept me thinking I had a shot with her. But after she started to date my ex friend who is a asshole player, but to her he is the sweetest and most loving person ever.. Its just his game I told her she won't listen so this is going to go bad. But I just had so much anger when she told me there dating. So I just told her I'm done can't be around her anymore pretty much told her we are not friends anymore and just stay away from me and that jerk just going to use her and its going to end badly. In the past I always helped her with breaks up hoping I would have my shot but got shot down. I still feel anger and tired of her shit but I still think about her a lot and it hurts. It was my Birthday yesterday went out with some friends and a date but still she would pop in to my head its driving me crazy.


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  • What is love ? baby don't hurt don't hurt me no more.

    • Sorry its just that it was the first thing that came to my mind while reading your post :( that song has just so much meaning.

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