Should I ask a girl out at her work with a small thing of flowers, if so how meny?

Just met a girl at a bar a couple days ago, she gave me her number but I want to ask her out face to face, should I bring flowers, I'm thinkin something small.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • A Single lovely Rose, surrounded by baby breaths, encased with nice wrapping and tied up in a bow, Including a card with its own stick and some sweet somethings scribbled in your own words.
    This is quite a generous and thoughtful gesture for a girl that you have just met.
    Good luck. xx


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yea giving flowers to a girl is a great idea! Make sure your sending the best ones to her mabey just slip in questions like favourite colour just to know what she likes best but I would reccomend I medium amout so like those bunches you can buy at stores are great, so go ahead man do it and win her heart


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  • Flowers are so sweet.

    I say small flowers :)


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