Could I be in love with this guy?

So in 2012 I was dating a guy two years younger an he was my first boyfriend , I thought I was in love with him. We hung out a lot an he did take me on some good dates. The park , a show , cinema. He also met my family. When we went to a show it was a sort of double date I met his best friend an his girlfriend.

I already knew her from school she was years younger. An my then BFs best friends brother was same age as me. An the brother was my first ever crush , we really liked each other when we was young.

During the show my BFs best friend kept staring an looking around. At end of show I saw him stood near us. I did think he was cute but I wasn't thinking anything more an never imagined liking him.

Few months later me an my boyfriend split up. He ends it by Facebook day after he was at my house. So he was a coward an I was so hurt but now I know he wasn't the one as we argued so much in the end. I started to dislike him !

I turned to his best friend as I really wanted to try get him back at the time. His best friend said he's not interested. An I said I did love him he never got that. An he said yeah he's a young one.

So since then we was friends on Facebook. He followed me on Twitter and Instagram also. I thanked him for his help. He split with his girlfriend not long after. Then we got talking a lot. We exchanged numbers an we texted a lot and planned to meet. For some reason it didn't kick off for us last year.

Then the contact died down an he was single 8 months I really wanted to be with him cus I thought we may have something but feelings weren't so strong then so I was fine when he began dating someone new. I was gutted we didn't talk at all really. An even when I asked him to set me up with his friends he wasn't having any of that.

Which made me wonder how he feels really. So he got a girlfriend I had to see her on Instagram an Facebook. It was super hard 😐 he seemed so in love.

Then few months ago we got talking again an the feelings crept up on us both an we realised we got on so well. We really click an never once argue over the past 3 years of knowing him. To be honest only this year I have truly got to know him properly an I now have real feelings for him.

When we first met it wasn't there but it has grown an it's not just a physical attraction but a mental one too. He accepts me as I am , makes me smile , compliments me,
. months back I saw him as a mate but now I see him as someone I could fall in love with.

It scares me a bit as it has overwhelmed me how the feelings came. Now this morning I thought of him an last night. After talking to him all yesterday I can't get him off my mind. 😍❤️ Is it love?


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  • It sounds like a serious crush from your side; if it's not love it's very close. From his side, it's hard to say. You'll need to talk with him face-to-face. It's hard to tell from what you've written what his interest level really is.

    Good luck. :)

    • I feel a crush is what they have in school as a woman I either like someone a bit it or have deeper feelings.

    • Aha. :) I think 23-year-old women can have crushes. A crush is basically nascent romantic interest in someone with whom one does not have an explicitly romantic relationship. And that sounds like what you've got. :)

    • I had crushes when I was young tbh an for me there is a big difference. A crush is someone you fantasise about an write in your notebook lol it's an immature term in my opinion. An a crush is always brief not long term so it's not accurate to be called that. I am not 23. 22 lol. You also usually form crushes on people you don't know like a celeb or some guy u see from a difference. Whereas I know and have spent time with this guy.

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