Do I still go after him even though he says he's seeing someone?

This is been bothering me and I don't know how to come in terms with this. First of all he's my friend/coworker. We're 20 years old. He has had a crush on me since last year. We've worked together, I usually drop him home since he doesn't drive and we've been very good pals. Then time passes and we tend to get very touchy feely and start flirting with each other. He comes up to me asks me questions we talk we flirt etc. Then finally when I dropped him home he kisses me. Note I was leaning in to just hug him but he took hold of my chin and kissed me. So then something happened and it was very embarrassing. he gave me his house number to call him. OK next day I did call him and I think his sister picked up and I asked for Brandon, that's his name and I asked if he wanted to hang but he couldn't so I'm like ok. Then he texts me to apologize and he wanted to explain his situation. So I met up with him and he told me he wasn't into a serious relationship and I was cool with it me neither but then he says he's with a girl. I Was pissed and asked is he still seeing her and he said yes. My friend even told me she saw a hickey on his neck.

He still says hi to me he still asks how I am like nothing happened I don't know what to do or what to feel. I don't want to stop a friendship. I really like him but I've been deceived and he can't expect me to get over that. What do you think? Should I still go after him or ignore him or try to forget this and be friends? I really like him a lot.
Plus now whenever he sees me he literally goes out of his way to say hi even though I'm far away from him. And he always asks me if I'm ok!


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  • Find out how he feels and what he is willing to do.

    • Well he said he's not into a serious relationship but he's with a girl... but before that he freaking kissed me

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  • ... But then he says he's with a girl...
    The sticky situation at hand, @gamerchick44, is this is putting a sour ball in my mouth because I feel at Work, on the clock, he wants a bit of his sweet cake and eat it Two but After Hours, for he knows it would be Cheating... He says he's with a girl.
    Don't wear your poor vulnerable heart on your sleeve for someone who probably won't be going anywhere too soon. Even if he does merely send messages on your cell and helpful hints on the job with 'We talk we flirt etc., he is still hooked at the hip with another.
    Be civil, be nonchalant but not overly time friendly. Don't lead him on to make him think you care more than you do because it will just end up a yo yo and a No Go and a Triangle Threesome where you are always at the top, looking down, from side to side, at the both of them.
    Good luck. xx

    • He drives me crazy! Every time I see him he keeps asking me if I'm ok and to be honest I'm not but when I don't talk to him he goes out of his way to talk to me and I want to be friends with him and shove the drama on the side but I can't help the fact that he lied to me. He Said he's not into a serious relationship but never flat out told me he's seeing a chick until after the fact he kissed me. He Did not me. So I don't know how to approach him and act around him

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    • Yeah I just say hi how are you I don't go to him though he comes to me and says hi but I mean he's a nice guy I just don't like what he did. I want to tell him how I really feel though but then what's the point? I try to ignore him but I still want to be friendly with him. I just don't know how I feel about him or vice versa at this point

    • Be lite and semi sweet, he was and is playing head and heart games... xx

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  • I think you should go for the just friends route because if he can kiss and flirt with you while he's already in a relationship imagine what he'll do if you guys got together just my opinion though

  • He didn't have the guts to reveal that you were his "work wife" and he lived with his "dating wife" (don't take "wife" literally) but really wasn't trying to be covert if he gave you his home number = work wife talks to dating wife eventually, DUH.

    The only big deal here is that his morals and lifestyle differs so much from yours. What I guess is afoot is this: he wants to repay his debts to women but all he has is being nice, flirty & making their day with complements, helping out. What he might be is a sponge... you for transportation... the other pays the rent/groceries.

    People we like come along so rarely, why question their motives, so long as they are not stealing anything we care about. Think about giving him a lift, gives you a lift... same as buying bird seed/feeder, jugging it around only for the joy of watching them gather & steal it all. Daily feeder refills fueled only by this joy.

    Friends come with their own terms, take 'em or leave 'em.

    • So what are you suggesting I do? I really like him though

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    • Kk so even if there is a side chick I can still go for it. Cause I do

    • yeah, so long as all you're going FOR is a deep close friendship
      then no foul
      no risk of heart breaks in this investment
      Time will tell if things can change to be something more, why rush? Kiss away

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