Should I kiss him or am I mixing signals?

I have been seeing this guy for a week or so, and he has being tender, he grabs me, hugs me kisses me in the neck run his hands all over me, takes me out to dinner, he says I am beautiful all the time, he even stayed over once (no sex since it was soon for both but the fooling around and the warmth was there the whole night). He told me that because I broke up with someone not too long ago, I am healing but he doesn't want to hurt me and he sees building something more with me. However, I told him that I really want to steal a kiss and he replied "Is not who I am underneath but what I do that define me" so when I asked him he told me that I am a good girl and I always say I want to kiss him but never do it. So I asked him if I should keep that way and he replied "I think so". But then again he is taking me out Thursday with no problem. So is he really just a friend... because I have friends and they don't behave like that! I am confused. What to do?
He asks me to kiss him on the cheek and stuff too like out of the blue! And he lays on me and kisses and hugs me all the time in a very sensual way... I insist friends don't do that often... right? Even if he once told me, I am very tender with friends but as I am with you...
So I talked to him yesterday, and he opened up more... saying that he doesn't want anything serious now... but he doesn't want that what we have gets ruined because of sex... he told me sex changes everything and he really enjoys my company... but I think that if this is the case then I should keep my distance and don't let me come too close right?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I say kiss him, and find out

    • I want to... but he is always saying you are such a nice girl.. should I kiss him regardless? We have been so close and he wouldn't kiss me! Drives me crazy

    • Just go for it, life is too short to just wonder

What Girls Said 1

  • Get close face-face to him, then Distract him on Thursday "look at that!" then when he looks back at you, steal that kiss
    the other fun ploy is to ask fro a kiss on the cheek, then as he moves in, turn your head & kiss him on the mouth... grab his head so he can't jerk back in surprise
    If that's too difficult, his favorite fruit between your lips, offering to share it might get you that kiss.


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