She doesn't give instant replies?

I message this girl on whatsapp but she hardly uses the app more than two times a day and her replies are not instant. Two weeks back I asked her whether she was free that weekend and she said she has plans with her family. Now two weeks later I messaged her again she gave a reply, and after I again messaged her she just saw the message without giving any reply. Long story short, do you think she's just not interested? or I need to be more persistent?


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  • Hmmm 😐 I don't think she is interested... If she was interested she would at least message u more often ! .. Maybe u should move on?


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  • She isn't interested.

    • yeah I thought so too, should I like move on?

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    • okay but she gave me her number and asked me mine so I thought she was into me

    • Yeah, could of been just out of politeness, because she didn't want to turn you down.

  • i say give her break she maybe have something in her life and if she's really interested she will just ignore u all together but she didn't so give her another 5-7 days to talk to her again and she's really interested she will probably text you around the 3-7 day

    • I didn't text her for almost two weeks she didn't send me any text during this time so I guess I should move on...

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