De-coding a text from Guy?

So I was out the other night and got a guys number we've been texting a couple of times today.

He sent me a text back asking how I'm feeling today? and put a few jokes in there from what we was discussing in my previous message and the night we met.

However he finished the message with try and enjoy the rest of your day.

Does this mean he wants to put and end to the conversation? It is mid day on a work day. Do I reply later?
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Think I'm over thinking the message.. As it was fairly long and chatty.


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  • Guys want to play off the texting as cool. So when we end the conversation, we feel like we have some power in texting. Guys hate texting girls, so we try to play the game as best as we can. I wouldn't reply after work, since he isn't. He chose to end the conversation, so let him have this round and text him back the next day.


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  • I think you should reply now and are reading too much into his comment. It sounds like he is interested in you.

  • He's just signing off in what he thinks is a charming way... guys aren't that subtle


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