Just after watching the cr*p movie twilight and want to know why its ok Edward the 400 year old vampire?

... can go cruising for hot young teenage chicks in a school but when I do it im a creepy perv and the cops are called, then I get put on the sex offenders register?
Also why in Dirty dancing is it ok for Patrick Swaze's charcter who is clearly 40 to get it on with a 15 year old?
Also in pretty woman why is it acceptable for richard gere's billionaire charcter to pick up a hooker and pay her for sex but wrong for the average joe?
Dont get me started of fifty shades.
Why are Chick Flicks so confusing? Are these the kind of guys women secetly want to date?


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  • Omg wasn't Kristen Stewart's acting terrible, it was like she was the undead one. Traditionally Hollywood has a tradition of showing older guys chasing jailbait girls (just watch any john wayne movie). Yes your right in Dirty Dancing Swayze's thirty year old character chases Baby who's around fifteen and yes its creepy. I dont see how Richard Gere being s billionaire would need to hire a hooker I also don't know how it works as a love story (what girl dreams of being a prostitute so she can marry the man of her dreams) but it works.


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  • I wasn't a fan of Twilight or 50 Shades. I guess because he is a vampire, he's immortal and therefor has had experiences and has a "danger" element that some women find attractive. I didn't really care for the other movies you mentioned, either, so I can't really give you proper insight I'm afraid.

    I don't watch RomComs or chick flicks usually, but I have a few guilty pleasures. Like Pride & Prejudice, Bridget Jones' Diary, Two Weeks Notice...

  • -Because no one knows he's 400 years old. I mean... obviously you want someone that looks that age, why wouldn't they?
    -Because he's Patrick Swaze...
    -Because 1) He was attractive so chances are she probably would have actually dated him for free. 2) He's a billionaire and can basically pay any lawyers and any bail if any issues come up. 3) Obviously he doesn't HAVE to pay for a hooker... all he REALLY probably has to do is shout "I'm a billionaire!" and plenty of attractive women within a 5 mile radius would show up... so opting for a hooker is really the same thing and thus a non-issue.

    Haha I don't secretly want to date 'these' kinds of guys but if I found out tomorrow that my boyfriend was secretly an immortal billionaire I don't think I'd be extremely offended since I obviously adore him (enough to be dating him) without being immortal or a billionaire.

  • he's a teenager that never ages so that's seen as okay

    • The writer must be kinda sick

  • 😂😂😂 nice job dude

  • Edward were technically a 17 (or so) year old, who just never aged.

    Jennifer (Baby) were 27, and Patrick (Johnny) were 34, at the time the movie were filmed, so it's not a big difference.

    Pretty sure they don't actually have sex in pretty woman, or well, not payed for sex. He just "rents" her to use as a female partner for business arrangements.

    Chick flicks aren't confusing.


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  • Yes... they secretly want an animal and a bad boy who appears to be acceptable on some level.


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