Why did he block me on FB?

We met on a dating site. He added me on Facebook and was always the one initiating conversations and I found him annoying. We were getting along okay though. After HE asked me out, which I reluctantly agreed to, it turned out to be the date from hell (even though he found me physically attractive and his self proclaimed confidence was gone) I know I was indecisive and planned something at the last minute, but he refused to let me make any plans I want or talk my topic. He wanted everything his way. We ended up in awkward silence and he ended up making some lame excuse and leaving.

However he did not delete me off FB immediately. After the horrible date I never messaged him again. I never initiate messages. I just found out today he blocked me. Well, it shouldn't be this extreme. He should have just defriended me which was what I was planning to do earlier anyway.


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  • So what's the problem?

    Date didn't go too well.. you don't like him and he also did not notice a connection. So he moved on?

    • He didn't have to be so extreme and block me. If he didn't care he should have left me there, not caring to block or remove me from his friends list. I never initiate conversation so what made him think that I would message him again? I have dignity.

    • Maybe it's his way of keeping himself from investing time into someone not interested. So rather than be tempted to continue to talk to you.. he blocked you.

      Like others here.. why the heck do you care?

    • You may be right. He may be tempted to talk to me or waited for me to say something after that disastrous day. Or maybe he hated seeing my face pop up everywhere. I think he did give me a thought. I would have been on his mind somehow for that to happen. If he didn't care, he would have ignored me. Keep in mind I NEVER initiated messaging him once so it couldn't be the fact that he is scared that I would message him.

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  • He probably kept seeing your profile pop up on his timeline, and it bothered him because it brought back memories of the horrible date. So one day he just had enough and blocked you, rationalizing it with if you are blocked, it's like you never existed.

    • But I never write on my timeline so why would it pop up?

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  • why do you care? i dont get it

    • And why does he care? He should have left me there and ignored me for all I care because I never initiate or even reply to his messages. He didn't have to go to the extreme and block me. He should have left me there or Defriend me.

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    • GUYS do. OMG once a guy thought just because I look at him that I have to like him. Also he noticed the way my feet are pointed at him and that I always walked past him. That was what he told me anyway. Main point is if he didn't care, he wouldn't have been thinking about me!

    • If he really found me irritating he should have blocked me right away not 7 days later!

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