Is it casual dating or just a slow start?

So I met this guy from tinder last summer. We went on about three dates, I stopped seeing him at the time because I started dating someone else. Last winter I added him on fb and he started talking to me and asked me to go out again. I said yes then I never answered back. Then 6 months later I texted him and he wanted to go out again. So far we`ve been out twice. I`m starting to like him. He`s really quiet which is why I had changed my mind about him the last 2 times, but the more i get to see him and know him the more I like him. The thing is now that I like him I realize we`ve only seen each other once a week so far. We`ve been keeping in touch with texting but not much more than to make plans. I used to be the worst at texting him but now that I like him he`s taking forever to answer sometimes. The thing is is it weird that we only see each other once a wek and not talk to much? He always asks me to hang out again. I wonder if he doesn`t text me much because I used to be bad at texting. Also how can I tell if he only wants something casual or we`re just taking it slow right now?


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  • its a slow start.


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