Guy said I was really stupid for letting him go?

He is angry at me and said i was really really stupid for letting him go (he said if you had a guy like me and you let him go, are you stupid or really really stupid?)

He never asked me to be his girlfriend and i never assumed he liked me... did he like me at all?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Obviously he did... or he wouldn't have said that to you...


What Girls Said 1

  • Either way, you don't want it girl. This sounds like a guy that treats you like if you don't respond according to his wishes... then he'll call you names and put the blame on you... and it will not directly benefit your life. (Unless you consider it a benefit to learn this lesson by direct experience.)

    I'm not sure whether he likes you... or likes the idea of owning you. You've just seen how he responds in difficult times... is that a path you want to stay on... or encourage for that matter?


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